100K FIFA 16 Playstation 4 Comfort Trade

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Please read our instructions before buying.



1. Turn off your Login Verification by logging on your Origin account CLICK HERE, click My Account > Privacy Settings – Security and turn OFF “Login Verification”.

2. To login on your account we need your Origin backup code, to find this please login HERE and select the option to view your backup code. Security – Backup Codes – View.
3. Check if you can login on the webapp HERE with your Fifa Ultimate Team Secret Answer.

This will allow us to login and complete your order, which normally takes 1 to 24 hours to complete depending on how much coins you buy.  Once you have placed your order please DO NOT LOGIN to your Fifa Ultimate Team account, as this will disrupt our team in completing your order and may delay your delivery.

4. Fill in the form on the top side and click Add To Cart.

5. Once your order has been delivered, please change all passwords. We do not hold any responsibility once the order has been completed.
All details are only used for the purpose to deliver your coins. Once the coins are delivered all details will be deleted.


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